I am the proud new owner of a Mighty Wolf loom but am rather confused regards the treadle tie up.  I was under the impression that you could tie the treadles as per a countermarche loom, ie treadle one can operate shafts 1 and 3, treadle two operates shafts 2 and 4 if you were doing a plain weave.

However when I showed a weaving friend my new loom, she told me that you can only use a direct tie up with the Mighty wolf and if you want shafts 1 and 3 to raise, then you need to press treadles 1 and 3.

I am in Australia and there are very few Schacht looms around, and I have not seen another one in my area, so I cannot ask a local Schact weaver.  It is my belief that my friend has the Mighty Wolf and Baby Wolf looms confused with the Wolf Pup.

If anyone could clear the confusion for me I would be very grateful.

Happy Weaving




jander14indoor (not verified)

Well you can't tie it up like a countermarche loom, that's a 'sinking' shed loom, your Mighty Wolf is a rising shed.  But that's only important in interpreting weaving drafts. 

You CERTAINLY can tie up multiple shafts to a single pedal on the Mighty and Baby Wolf looms.

I think you are right and your freind is confusing the Wolf Pup that comes standard with ONLY direct tie-up with the other Wolf looms.  You can even buy a Wolf Pup that allows multi shaft tie-ups to a single pedal now.

PS, you can check the manuals for all of Schacht Looms on their website, they keep them available as .pdf files.

Jeff Anderson

Livonia, MI


With counter marche looms, treadles are tied up so that the shafts that are tied are lifted while the shafts that sink go down at the same time. A mighty Wolf is a standard Jack loom so you only tie the shafts that are to lift will go up. That said, you can tie up more than one shaft to a treadle. If your draft is written for a counter marche loom, just tie up the white squares (the shafts that lift) Hope that makes sense...still on my first coffee of the day. ;) Cheers Laura

hopeful weaver

Thank you for confirming that more than one shaft can be connected to a treadle. I was beginning to worry how I would break the news to my husband that I might have made a mistake with this particular loom. Now, rather than just admiring the mighty wolf for being a beautiful loom, I can get a warp on it and begin.

Thank you again for all your help

Happy Weaving


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