is it possible to do tieu ps with this loom or is direct tie up the only way to go? 


Dena (not verified)

Sorry to say....Harrisville does sell conversion kits to make it into a jack loom, but they are pricey.

Sara von Tresckow

Your loom IS a jack loom already. The direct tieup has several nice features, though you may not see them at the moment. Without a tieup, you are free to change your structure during the weaving of your warp. Only the threading is a preset - in other words, your direct tie loom functions as a 4-shaft dobby at this point.

There is one very nice book on the market - Ashford Book of 4-Shaft Weaving by the late Anne Field, written for the table loom (and by extension for the direct tieup loom) where all weaving drafts are shown using "liftplan" mode - that is, you read a line of 4 boxes and the x in box one means step on treadle 1 (or use lever 1), etc. IN the case of this loom, you probably want to leave your shoes on to make your feet bigger, but you will probably learn a l.ot about weaving from your loom the way it is - and at the same time be quite ready to switch to a computer assisted dobby using a liftplan at the drop of a hat.

Enjoy your loom.l

tommye scanlin

The direct tie-ups on smaller floor looms aren't a particularly a disadvantage and the distinct advantage is that you can do the different tie-up (or liftplan) changes without doing anything other than changing where your feet go!  When I was teaching weaving classes at the university I usually did demos of techniques with a small direct tie-up Dorset loom since I could easily show students the differences available in a simple threading like twill, for instance.  

And, as Sara said: "Enjoy your loom!"


Jane Greer

Thanks everyone, I actually do like it direct better (i think). As a new weaver it really helps me learn the patterns better. I was just asking because the patterns I have had tie up drafts and having to go back and re write them for direct tie up is a pain, but I ordered the book suggested so that will make it easier when that comes. 

Thanks again!!!


I think if you download drafts from you can tell the display page to create a lift plan for you and download the wif.

mrdubyah (not verified)

Maybe I'm missing something.  My HD had floating lams and "snap hook chains" that made for very easy tie-ups.  Doesn't yours?  I simply had to clip the hooks onto the correct treadles to tie up for any pattern I wanted.  I could also move the snap chains in the middle of a project to get a variety of treadling patterns on the same threading.  Isn't this an option on your loom? 

Jane Greer

yours must be a 6 treadle. mine only has 4 and are tied up directly to the shafts so there's no option, from what I have been told anyway.

mrdubyah (not verified)

You are correct.  Mine had six treadles.  Therein lies the difference. Thx


Harrisville has a conversion kit from 4 to 6 treadles. 8-))


Harrisville has a conversion kit from 4 to 6 treadles. 8-))

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