I'm looking for some linen yarn that has a tweed like coloration.  Linen that has a less unified color.  I'm also looking for some slubby linen.  I've been using Bockens linen, but its too "perfect", and I want some linen with character.  Does anyone have a good linen source? I want to make a fabric that has a "speckled" look to it.  See image below.




Tow yarn generally is slubbier than line linen. However, I think that tow yarns of today are more even than they used to be - but I may be imagining things...

sequel (not verified)

I have some old cones of "linen" from the 70's in natural, unbleached.  I've used it as weft but it seems too hairy for warp.  It's still very strong.  Your profile doesn't show where you are located. I can send pics if you're interested, but most of it is at my teaching studio - not here at home.


Another source for Tow is Belgian Tow sold at Camilla Valley Farms in Orangeville, Ontario


Webs just put 5a tweed effect linen blend on close out it sounds luxurious. Check it here

SallyE (not verified)

Have you thought of using raw silk yarn?