Great article by Lillian on drafting taqueté in this week's "Weavezine"


TheWeavingDiva (not verified)

Yes this is a great article.  Everyone can get something out of it.    I found her comment about using overlapping threads to add shading to a design a new concept for me to try.   

I am going to try it on an upcoming piece.  I'll will probably try to add shading by overlapping with black.   It should add greater depth to the piece without adding another shuttle.  It may also add additional bulk/height which will increase the potential for interesting shadows.

Erica J

This is a good article, it helps me understand how to draft taquete much better! I think I should be able to draft the project I want to weave in taquete now! Fingers crossed.

weaversouth (not verified)

the blending is quite easy.  I have done it "accidentally" a couple of times by missing a drafting error (-;

I tried it on my "Tree of Life" design and now have three colours of "fruit" instead of just red and blue.

Nancy C.

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