My local weaving school had an overabundance of reeds and needed some way to sort and store the overflow.  I made a reed rack to fit under the railing at the top of the stairs with some dowels and a couple of boards of yellow pine.





Adinkracom (not verified)

Andi it fits that space perfectly!

Alison (not verified)

Now you have me thinking.  I really need something like a reed rack, I have stairs...  Very nicely done.

TheLoominary (not verified)

Great use of a small available space, nice project!

mrdubyah (not verified)

Thanks for your kind words.  This was really easy to make.  A couple of boards with holes and dowels would probably have done the trick.  I decided to make it "free standing" with a box bottom and a couple of vertical slats so it can be more easily installed and removed. 


Well done,

Another use for dowels to.