For those folks interested in looms in Southeast Asia, here's my travel journal with photos and movies...enjoy Deb Mc

I've put a loom recap at the beginning and end of my trip journal....



I think folks that build looms or use drawlooms would also like some of these looms.  These minority ethnic groups are a wonderful source of inspiration for technolgy and patterns.



Enjoy!  Deb Mc



and I should point out these looms will be part of my teaching lecture at the Complex Weavers Seminar - September 12-15th in Chevy Chase, MD outside of Washington DC...I'll be covering looms from Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, Burma and Vietnam and their anxillary equipment

my class is not full yet, one must join Compex Weavers but I welcome beginners and backstrap folks who would like to see what one can do with sticks, strings and patience!


sharing Deb - I look forward to reading more of your journal and looking at the pictures and viewing the video over the next couple of days. What I have seen so far is fascinating!