Hi, I'm just beginning to weave rag rugs.  I have a JL Hammett that I am slowly working on refurbishing.  Any suggestions on other looms that would be good for a beginner?  Thanks


steve104c (not verified)

I have two looms that are good for rag rug weaving. A Glimakra Standard and a Dryad(upright).  I got my Glimakra from a Community Center garage sale and the Dryad from an online sale site.  I'm am very pleased with both looms. The Dryad, being up right , it's foot print is very small. Now, the Glimakra has a very large foot print. The Glimakra is a beautiful piece of furniture. I had to strip, sand and refinish it before I could use it......................Steve.


The weight and sturdiness of the loom and beater would be the determining factors for any rug loom in my opinion.   I've used a Kessenich 4 shaft loom, 36", made of red oak with a good heavy beater and made rugs that have held up for 20 years.  The loom has held up very well too, but if I were to specialize in rag rugs, or other rugs that take a good beating, I'd talk to people with the looms made for rug weaving.  On the high end probably the Cranbrook, any of the heavy Scandinavian large frame looms, barn looms.  I don't know about pricing, but there are specialist groups who own the U.S. domestically manufactured looms such as the Union.   Any good sturdy loom will serve though.  Some people add weight to the beater by attaching a heavy metal bar.     




my name is patti, and i acquired a big old loom about a year ago. i havent usedit it yet, because the nearest person who could help me get it warped lives pretty far from me, and doesnt drive. i finally broke down and got the new dvd by madelyn van der hoogt, and i now think i'll be able to try warping by myself.  the lady who gave me the loom warps directly from the cone to the loom, coming from the back of the loom. she doesnt use a tensioning box. this is what i had hope to do, toon but i havent found any info on that online. if anyone has tips for doing that, i would be happy to read them. a little off topic... i joined this site a couple of weeks agon and havent had time to post yet. i have a smart phone that i am using. i live in an are where we cant get internet, and my work sched keeps me from the library. my phone wont allow me to use question marks and such on this site for some reason


the other thing i wanted to add but my phone wouldnt let me... i received an email yesterday from someone  on this site who goes by the name bbblessings. this person wants to correspond because he or she doesnt feel complete without another person. this doesnt sound like a weaving person or topic to me. i thought i should bring it to someones attention. i also decided it was time for me to introduce myself since i must be looking like a lurker instead of a weaver.  i was hoping to ask if there were any weavers in my area and tell what part of the country i live in. i guess it isnt safe to do that anywhere online thats really disappointing because i know there have got to be other weavers around where i live but i cant find them. so i will have to be satisfied with written replies. but i am looking forward to communicating with all of you weavers. but not with bbblessings. i am not lonely at all.  i am truly blessed with or without others. i will be hoping to get to the library sometimes tho so i can type with exclamation marks and commas and such.

Marianne88 (not verified)

Hi Tinwhistler,

A few months ago, I bought on ebay the cd of Karen Pfundtner - How to warp a sectional loom-.  I found it very useful.  She gives all the informations a beginner should know about warping directly from the cones to the loom (back to front) but she use a tensioning box .   the example of warping she demonstrates is for rags rugs that she likes to weave. 


i really appreciate your suggestion! I'll see if I can get a copy.

steve104c (not verified)

Patti, Warpng a loom takes the longest to do and the weaving process that discourages a lot of new weavers. I installed a sectional warp beam on my Glimakra(Made it my self). It has helped a lot, less time to load a warp and less, to no, tangling. If your loom will take a sectional warp beam, I suggest you get one . You won't be disappointed. Don't need help to warp, even on wide projects...............Steve. P.S. I do use a tention box(got it on ebay for a real good price).

teoasnam (not verified)

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teoasnam (not verified)

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ellen santana

jarnsaxa did you ever weave a rug on  that loom?  what kind is it?  i have a 45" hammett marcoux jack loom that i'm nuts about but i have a hard time with getting enough tension on the warp, as the brake system on the cloth beam is inadequate to maintainthe tension..  i am going to go to a machinist to see if he can com up with something better.  what is there now is a ratchet with a wimpy little bent bar to catch the teeth. pitiful.  es


<p>Could you post a picture of your solution? I have a Marcoux and the brake has been fixed/ modified so many times I don&#39;t know what it sttarted as. It has issues.&nbsp;</p>

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