I bought a dorset for several reasons: 1- to use for workshops 2- to use for living history demos at a local civil war battlefields 3- small enough to convience hubby that I need another loom in the very small house we have I was able to borrow a dorset for a workshop I did last month and fell in love with it, nice and easy to use Easy for me to lift, carry and put in the trunk of my car


Jeanne-Marie (not verified)

I was gifted one from a friend who was cleaning out their house and I really adore weaving on it.

Elk Ridge Orch… (not verified)

I love how easily it folds up and fits in my trunk its easy & light weight for me to carry as well


I've just acquired a 20" Dorset loom and it sits in my daughter's home 900 miles away until I can get there in September and get it home. Long story. She's also fairly new to weaving but her neighbor is a master weaver and she has another teacher who weaves for clients around the world. She's going great guns. I did learn how to use a warp board! I did get to see the neighbor's identical loom to mine. Great piece, mine is in much better shape than hers.

The loom is supposed to be about 40 years old and all she needs to do is change some of the heddles, or maybe all of them.Can't wait to get my hands on it. Of course my daughter will have a chance to weave on it before I get there.That is if she isn't too busy refurbishing the barn loom she bought bought from her neighbor that is going back into the original spot in the house where it lived until about 7 or 8 years ago.The previous Lady of the House was the weaver. Tons of history.I'll keep you posted as I go along.

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