I have been looking at some of the Halloweave catagories, and I am going to expand my Seamstress dare into this catagory also. I didn't spin my own yarn, but I did dye three warps, and some of the wefts for my eleven Teddy bears project.  Two of the warps have been woven into five different bear fabrics from each warp.  I am in the process of weaving the third warp, and hope to have it ready by the time I'm done sewing eight more bears.  I look forward to seeing the group's projects.  Some of my photos can be found in the Demon Seamstress group.  There is a photo of my first five fabrics there, plus the first bear that I completed yesterday.    Jenny from Charlevoix the Beautiful


Erica J

Fantastic! We're glad to have you! I can't wait to see pictures of your bears. May I ask why 11? Cheers, Erica