Hi!I've watched this group hoping it would be more active eventually - but perhaps a question to shake things up? I wove a fairly stiff fabric suitable for sewing into a tote or bag of some sort. Looking for ideas for bag or tote "fearless" cutting layouts from "scarf" like strips from a tabletop (up to 15" wide). I had thought this folded tote - but my latest strip is too short & stiff for the handle section I think. My "too thick to be a scarf" is about 6 feet long :) Laurie in MaineWhere it's currently cold enough to use it as a scarf actually!


dognapper2 (not verified)

In search of inspiration...

Tote - Old newspaper reprint with layout possibilities. Thinking set in bottom/side seams to make it wider. Lined. maybe fringe end trimmed short and folded into outside pocket...

A challenge project nothing short of genius! May have seen this on Ravelry or here at Weavolution a while ago, but googled it from memory and found it pictured on flickr.

Interweave bag of the month links

Laurie in Maine

MUST find uses for newly woven "fabric" or yarn stash will just end up turned into fabric stash!

tien (not verified)

What's wrong with the folded tote?  You could always use some other fabric for the handles.

Or use a standard tote bag pattern - handwoven is only fabric, after all!  If you need to piece it, I'd overlap it, stitch it twice close together, and then possibly cover the overlap with some sort of decorative binding - but it can certainly be done.  Or you can just sew a regular seam - that's what I did with my wedding-dress fabric, when my fabric wasn't quite wide enough.  If it has a regular pattern you can match up the pattern very closely so the seam is nearly invisible - on my wedding-dress you can see it if you look really hard, but it's nearly invisible.


dognapper2 (not verified)

Nothing is "wrong" with the folded tote - except if I use something else for the handles it won't be the "folded tote". I'm not much of weaver but can recognize what I have to work with (so far) would not work with that pattern.
It's on my list to try something specifically that would. Eventually.
I guess I should have titled this post "Terrified of Scissors"!
Perhaps a group challenge for the newbie weavers, hobbyists & dabblers on this list who've managed to remove a few things from their looms but have yet to take scissors to anything.
I may be in the wrong group...a little petrified of making that first cut.
Today shall be the day. I have a plan :)

dognapper2 (not verified)

Fear of taking scissors to woven material (sort of) conquered...and a lesson in what warp faced means.
Some raveling issues to deal with; technically, most of the cutting was done with a rotary cutter ;) From 3 skeins of yarn to a lined bag in less than a week.



jemwork (not verified)

Your tote is lovely. The weaving looks great. What fibers did you use?

Did you wash/finish the fabric in any way before cutting? That could help set the cloth so there is less tendency to fray. Another treatment to control fraying is to carefully cut & then immediately iron on an iron-on interfacing. I've done this with California rag fabric, which can fall apart very easily.

Did you use a commercial fabric to line the tote? That can help stabilize things too.

dognapper2 (not verified)

I'm using up freebie acrylic - listed on my project page but not much write about. It was free :)

I did line it - used some leftover lining I had cut away from a skirt my daughter bought at Goodwill and asked me to shorten. By more than a foot! It's pretty and when I asked her if she recognized it she wanted to know if the bag was reversible. But then saved herself by saying, "But why would anyone want to?" [grins]

I stay stitched every cut as soon as it was made. My cutting board is 2 feet from my sewing machine and I handled it carefully to get it under the presser foot ASAP. Probably normal to loose every warp right up to the stitching to fray. I double stay stitched most of it.

I made another bag!

Used up the last of the free warp - but this time I knew I would get upholstery-like fabric and planned to cut it for another exercise in Fearless Cutting. Cutting comes easier with practice?!!  It needs a button or two but I stuck a scarf pin to the top someone gave me. Project page.

esmesmom (not verified)

About stay stitching...

Being new to weaving but having sewn for many years, I'd be inclined to mark where I want to cut with some chalk, then stay-stitch, then cut.  Sewing for people who paid a lot for fabric is almost as scary as cutting fabric you made yourself:)

suzyhok (not verified)

When chalk won't work... I use a very long running stitch to mark where I want to cut and then stay-stitch either inside or outside of the running stitch.  I use a multi-stitch zig zag machine stitch as my stay stitch and then sometimes also use a medium straight stitch inside that.  

Have fun with it! :)

dognapper2 (not verified)

I made the Folded Tote yesterday. ;)
This one doesn't require cutting - just some very clever folding. I was surprised by the middle seam...Once you start, you just keep going to other edge.
(tutorial link in first message of this thread)

Thumper70 (not verified)


I just finished a project that sounds similar to what you're looking to do (If I'm wrong I won't be offended if you say so - grin) - I wove a bag in linen but needed a nice stiff inner lining - in my case a heavy black cotton. I "fearlessly" (but with trepidation) cut my just finished clasped weft linen . . . zig zag stitch is now my favourite.

eh, voila

Marsha A. Knox (not verified)

Here is my "folded bag".   I only had to sew the sides with a blanket stitch.  No machine work at all.  I even wove the button whole.  It is 100% cotton natural white peaches and cream.



Marsha A. Knox (not verified)

Just completed this one.  Again a folded bag.  This time it is out of my own homespun cotton.  All of my bags are weft face as they are done on a tapestry loom.  This one is a little larger than the white soumak bag and I have completed a green piece, again cotton weft face, that I will be posting in the next day or so.  The green one is finally the size I am happy with.

FiberGeekery (not verified)

 I recently sewed up this folded "one strip" or "Tibetean" bag. It is slightly weft faced (set 20 epi) 5/2 cotton that I hand dyed. I had yarn left so I did Inkle Trim. 

The strip was longer than I needed, so I cut off one end and made an external pocket. It is shown here on the left of the bag.

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