I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this thread, but here goes...

Our Fiber Guild is holding our annual Show and Sale the month of April in Savannah.  I am new to the area and to the guild, but have several items of clothing that I would like to show.  I don't own a mannequin or dress form so I'm trying to think of a creative way to display these pieces.  (One is a Daryl Lancaster style woven jacket, another is a Daryl style pieced vest, and another is a 2 piece summer outfit - sleeveless top and skirt.)  

I have a request out the the teacher of fibers programs at 2 of our area college, but haven't heard back from them.  I also wonder if people have ever had success with asking clothing businesses or dept stores to borrow mannequins.  (but... I rather doubt they would lend them as they are very expensive!)

What have some of you used to display your garments?

Thanks so much for your help!  We hang next Tuesday!!!

:-)  Suzy



tien (not verified)

Have you thought about making a duct tape dummy, then covering it with fabric to make a nicer presentation?  See


for instructions on making a duct tape dummy.

That way you know the garment will fit (almost) as well as it does on you.

I recently made myself a foam dummy using the My Twin technique:


but that is fairly involved, and you don't have much time, so that probably isn't the best option for you.  Still, keep it in mind if you want a more general dress form, as it can be pinned into more easily than a duct tape dummy.


If it is just for show (ie not for fitting) you can easily make a mannequin of hexagon wire mesh.

There are pictures on my web site - got to articles, select "ideas about displaying".

weaver-dyer (not verified)

An inexpensive and simple display for a jacket or vest is a wooden hanger padded with polyester fleece and covered with felt or some other non-slippery fabric in black, white, or gray depending upon the colors in the garments.  If the garments can be suspended away from a wall, visitors can see the front and back of the garments.


suzyhok (not verified)

 Thank you for the hexagon wire mesh idea Kerstin.  I appreciate seeing the photos on your website.

suzyhok (not verified)

I'm going to try this for the vest and jacket that I have to display!  It sounds quick and easy !  Thanks so much!


suzyhok (not verified)

Hi Tien:

I'd love to make a duct tape body dummy or one from water activated tape like I found explained on this ThreadBanger video:

http://www.threadbanger.com/episode/THR_20090403!   How clever!  If I can't do it in time for the show... I'll definitely make one later.  My hubby is up for wrapping me up like a mummy!  I just hope he sticks around to cut me out of it!!!

Thanks again!


fantasticfelter (not verified)

 one thing that the duct tape dress forms do not do . the dress forms will actually be to large if you do not make it smaller than your exact measurements. our bodies are squishier so it is a  big problem i am dress maker with these problems. so i buy a inexpensive dress form and pad it with cotton batting to my or any other measurements and cover it with a cotton lycra tube i sew. i do not think this is mentioned when the duct tape forms are discussed, and taking in all those seams are less than ideal

by the way a mannequin  is a form for" displaying" where as a "dress form" is for fitting. if you just want a "display" form the duct tape form is fine.

suzyhok (not verified)

Thank you for the clarification between dress forms and mannequins.  We could use either for displaying garments.  

Your thoughts on adding some "squishy-ness"  to the duct tape form is a good oint.

Thanks again!


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