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flamingo (not verified)

I just completed Diane de Souza's workshop at Shuttles. The workshop taught the characteristics of some of the new odd fiber types: Tencel, seaweed, bamboo, soy, etc. and associated blends. It was a round-robin workshop. We wove samples crossing warps with identical wefts and then followed up with trying wefts of our choice. In addition to the yarns that were used in the warp, we had access to some additional odd yarns. For example, I got to weave with a blended yarn that had stainless steel in it. (Very interesting.)

We learned how to finish the items. My loom was warped with 16/2 SoySilk from SW Trading Company. The warp was set at 32 epi. My workshop loom is an 8-shaft table loom (with legs), but the "treadling" was annoying for such a fine yarn. Nevertheless, I spend Sunday washing, drying, pressing the samples and I was so struck by the difference in the feel of the samples after pressing! I may be in love with the SoySilk sample. It feels wonderful. I'm not sure how much of the warp is left on the loom, but I'm definitely going to finish weaving it.

Jeanne-Marie (not verified)

 I had a chance to see some examples from the work shop and o lalala the soy silk is lovely.

Thanks for sharing

flamingo (not verified)

I've finally got some photos of my weaving. I purchased additional Soysilk in spring green. (I'm not sure what the manufacturer calls the color. That's what I call it.) I've decided to weave the rest of the warp with it. Another photo on my projects page.

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