Welsh Tapestry, double weave

I'm fascinated by the weaving which is traditionally called Welsh Tapestry and wonder if anyone knows of any resources - books, websites - that features this style. I've spent days trawling the web and have yet to find anything that can help me other than retail sites selling finished pieces.

Growing up I had Welsh tapestry bedspreads and clothing and really would love to attempt something similar, although not blanket sized.

I'm a baby when it comes to weaving and have an Ashford, wide, knitters loom with a double heddle kit. I'm also a visual learner as in while I can read instructions and nut things out I'm a lot quicker if I can 'see' the process.

In a few months I'll have room to get a floor loom so I'm not going to be restricted by my equipment and I know this will be a long learning process.




I had not heard that term before your post. This site seems to give the most succinct explanation of the work, http://www.jen-jones.com/Blanket%20thumbnails.htm.

"Probably considered the most typically Welsh of all woollen covers was the Tapestry Bedcover. This was not made from tapestry at all but rather a double-ply woollen yarn. Originally, this double cloth was woven for practical hardwearing bedcovers. Some of the early patterns appeared concurrently in double weave wool covers produced in Germany, the United States and Wales."


That site is evil I tell you, evil! ;p

So many lovely blankets.


is a must-have if you love the Welsh "tapestry" weavings.  A slender book with the essential history (AFAIK!), excellent B&W and color illustrations, and a brief chapter of "Double-Cloth Patterns" that includes over a dozen grafs.  Excellent resources section, although it may be out of date.


Aha! I was searching for books with 'welsh' now Wales so I missed that one.

Off to see if i can find a copy. Thanks muchly.

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