It's me again! Thank you all for helping me work through my copious issues! I am so close to having my drawloom working supremely well!

I have 2 vertical jacks tha return to neutrel when I let off the treadle, but another 2 that do not.

There are only slight differences in how the weights are tied to the jacks. Could these differences be the difference. I have the weights tied on the same side the long lamms tie to the jacks, should they be on the other side? We had to tie the weights fairly high up to keep them from interfering with the long lamms. 

Thanks a million!


Sara von Tresckow

There are clear sketches of how the weights hang in my book, available on my web site.

Erica J

Thanks Sara. Your book is on my wish list. I adjusted the shed on one of the trewdles and that was the problem!

Erica J

Glimakra loom owners, for those who use metal counterweights on your jacks, which side do you tie the weight on?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Erica. I have an Oxaback, but it's a floating system so the lower lamms are out on both sides. The attachment with the metal rod for the cords to hang on was on the right side when I got it so left it. I guess what I'm trying to say, is it doesn't seem like it should be an issue no matter which side you use. I tie my weights up high just to keep out of the way of things as well.

Erica J

Shawn C

Thank you so much for your answer. The issue I'm having is that the weights are not actually returning the jacks to the neutral position. I think it might help if I take a video and post a link here. I just got back in from making even more adjustments! Oli and I have been futzing with the loom since this morning and I just got back in from more adjustments. I'll take a video in a bit.

Erica J


I think we solved it.Oli J very patiently worked through a few other troubleshooting steps. Finally, we did as he suggested and tied the weight to the other side of the vertical jacks! Bam, jacks return to neutral! 

Thank you to everyone here for your posts and suggestions! I also have to thank Becky Ashden as we have referred to her video several times and it is the way I learned to weave on the drawloom. :)


Yay! So glad you have it solved! It's frustrating when things won't work as they should.

Erica J

I have one more shed I need to adjust, but I wove 3 lines of the test pattern and things are going well!! 25 more rows of the test pattern to go. :)

Thanks again for your help Shawn!


I'm glad it was helpful. I only have my own experience as comparison-and what I've read.

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