I am going to be doing a wall hanging that is also a huck lace sampler. I was wondering if anyone has done this and what would be a good fiber. I have the Best of Weavers Huck Lace book. I will be using the 8 shaft point threading in the front and some of the treadling there. I have a piece to hang it from that is 12 inches wide. I will be doing about 10 or 12 different ones with some plain weave between. Thanks for any ideas.


lkautio (not verified)

For a lace sampler where you are likely to want to see the interlacement clearly, a smooth single color yarn with a sett of 20-24 works well.  You could try 10/2 mercerized cotton, 20/2 linen, 8/2 tencel or silk or something similar. 

Are you using a point threading or point order of blocks?

Laurie Autio

Lauries (not verified)

I will be using the point threading in the Best of Weaver's Huck Lace book. I plan on picking out things on pg 12-15. Plus a heart I already have the treadling for. I have some white 22/2 cottonlin in my stash I was thinking of using. I plan on 20epi.

Ellen (not verified)

In my opinion cottolin 22/2 is a little on the heavy side for what you are going to do, and as mentioned above, a yarn with a little shine would make the lace look better. 

Good luck, and let's see the finished result :-)

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