Greetings! After using the weavolution warp calculator for years, this is my first post.

I recently acquired an AVL Little Weaver and I have been having quite a time getting it set up. I downloaded the software, changed my security settings to allow the program to open, disabled my FTDI drive, and was able to connect my loom via USB, installed the firmware that I downloaded from AVL, and it seemed that I was connected ok. Upon opening AVLAdmin I get a message box that says my loom is not connected, so I went back to AVLUpdate and even though it just connected and went through the solenoid testing sequence it is now saying it can't connect. I've tried removing and reinstalling the software several times and just about everything else I can think of to get it to connect but I can't seem to make it work. 


Does anyone have experience with this? Most of the troubleshooting information is for a PC and I'm on a Mac. Help me, I'm chomping at the bit to start weaving on this thing!


Thank you!



sally orgren

Lucky you to have a Little Weaver! Since this is a very new product, I would contact AVL directly.

An alternative is to join the Yahoo Group WeaveTech, which has numerous AVL owners, but again, you are leading the pack with this purchase. Let us know what you find out! (I know they were delivering one at NEWS to some lucky weaver, was that you?)

tien (not verified)

AVL Admin is only meant to be used if you are setting up the loom for wireless connection to your computer. If you are using a USB cable you should never have to use AVL Admin at all.

My experience setting up a Little Weaver (for a guild-mate; I don't actually own one) was on Windows not Mac, but I encountered a similar issue. Here's how I solved it: Turn both your machine and the loom off. Then boot up your machine, wait until it has finished booting, and turn the loom on. Wait 1 full minute and then try opening the AVL driver software. It takes up to a minute for the operating system to recognize and connect to the loom, and if that hasn't happened then AVLDrive will get confused and say it isn't connected. And that can affect other attempts to connect later. Rebooting resets everything.

Give that a try and see if that helps. If not, try calling AVL.


Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately, I don't get to keep it, the folks at AVL very kindly sent it to me to experiment with for the summer. 

I tried to reboot everything, but the problem is that I have to go into AVLAdmin to get the loom address to plug into the Driver, correct? It connected with AVLUpdate but the driver still wasnt recognizing the loom. I think it's buggy with macs, so hopefully I can get it to work! 

tien (not verified)

No, you don't need to go into AVL Admin at all. Just connect the loom using a USB cable. Did you try that already/does that work?


After countless times rebooting and reinstalling and trying the same thing over and over I finally got it to recognize my loom in the driver! Thank you so much for you help! Smile

tien (not verified)

Congrats!! I hope it works beautifully for you.

Bonnie Inouye (not verified)

Sometimes I get a faster and more on-target response when I send AVL an email. I attach a photo when that seems helpful. Sometimes they cannot get to a phone or are away from the office but will check email and answer.

Bonnie Inouye


I am having same issues with my Little Weaver. Tried again and again to connect to the computer. Always the error message "no connection". I've done similar thing to the advice from this post including different computers, USB points and making sure of the WIF file. Anyone know a simple fix? Anyone in this group own one of these looms in Australia? (I live in NSW). Thanks!


Although AVL is shut down for coronavirus, they may answering email (I have had responses on weekends).  You haven't said if you have a Mac or PC.  Macs seem to have greater connection problems than PCs do.  What software are you using and are you sure you have the right drivers fo this loom?  They can be downloaded from AVL.  Is this a new loom and the first time you are connecting, or have you used this before and suddenly having problems?  The earlier posts in this series are correct, you do not use AVL admin for a USB connection.  You only use the weaving software you have, like Fiberworks or Weavepoint.


Also, it can depend on the computer.  I have one older Windows 7 laptop that the loom has to be running before I turn the laptop on or the laptop won't see the loom.

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