I have a beautiful sample book of yarns from Trena Coulter Studio which I got from her a few years back. I want to order from her but can not find a website for her and the phone number llisted is not working. Does anyone know if she is still in busInness? If not , are you familiar with the yarn she sold and where do you get it? or something similar.


Cathie Beckman


Erica J

Was she in Vancouver?

Try this number https://m.411.ca/business/profile/5255782

The site I found listed under that namr from ATA does not seem to be onoine anymore.

Hopefully someone else knows more.


Hi Erica,

yes, she is listed as being in Vancouver, B.C. I have her beautiful book of tapestry yarns! I had looked at a few and decided to try to see if any came close to The Australian Tapestry Workshop Yarns chart - bingo - I think that was what she was selling:) exactly the same number of yarns in the sample book as there are at ATW, plus the # of gradations per hue, the same. This sample book I have must be 5 years old? So I placed the order with ATW and I'm very pleased with the yarns. 

So the mystery with Trena Coulter remains, but I have solved my problem with the yarns:)


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