I am connected via a USB/Serial converter to the box.  I cannot weave more than 7 picks of tabby before the loom/Fiberworks interface goes nuts.  On the 8th pic it lifts 8 and 24, 7 and 23, 6 and 22, and on down until 1 and 17.  Then it lifts 16, then 15, and downwards.  Anyone any ideas?  I can only clear it by turning off the box and restarting Fiberworks.  Fiberworks can offer no solution.  I am not very experienced with pcw software so this might be a simple thing to fix.  By the way, the diagnostics seem to work fine so I am talking loom to PC.

Much appreciate any ideas.


Sara von Tresckow

I use Weavepoint to drive my Toika dobby, but have an idea of where to start looking.

You get your 7 rows of tabby - how have you defined your repeat sequence in your weave file? You need to have a start and end to your sequence and the interface set up to do continuous repeats. Or are you just starting up the loom and treadling?

The "quirky" sequence you describe is the built in test program in the Toika dobby box - a few tabby rows, then two shafts in descending sequence as you describe, then singlt shafts 1 through 24 or vice versa.

It sounds as though you are not executing any weave draft, but the test program to prove that your interface is working.

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