Hello! I am a true beginner and know nothing about weaving, but I really would like to learn backstrap weaving. Are there any teachers in D.C./Maryland area looking for a student?


bolivian warmi

If you don't find anyone, I will be teaching a two-day class at the Mannings in PA next spring (April).

rosearbor (not verified)

I highly recommend Laverne's class if you can get to it!  She is the guru of backstrap weaving (Yes, I've taken a class with her :).)  You can get a very good start just by going to her web site http://backstrapweaving.wordpress.com. 

Does it have to be backstrap weaving?  The Baltimore Weavers guild offers formal classes on small looms.


Thank you both so much. I probably should take any kind of beginning class on weaving, just to familiarize myself, but I am particular to backstrap weaving--it's a cultural, going back to my roots, thing. I absolutely want to take Laverne's class in the Spring. That would be amazing! 

Laverne, how can I get more information about time/location, as the workshop gets nearer? Will you post here or on your blog? I don't want to miss it!!!!

Thank you, again!


Nevermind, Laverne! I just found the information on the Mannings website. So excited!!!!! Hope to see you in April!!!


I called to sign up and it's already full. I'm number two on the wait list. :-( 

bolivian warmi

Don't feel too bad. It's a long way off and experience has shown me that cancellations as the date gets closer are quite common. Let's keep our fingers crossed. Where in Maryland are you? I have good friends whom I often visit in Poolesville.


Ok, that makes me feel a little better. I really hope it opens up!

I live in Gaithersburg. It's actually pretty close to Poolesville--in the same county maybe 30 min away, if that. Please let me know if you're ever in the area. I would really love to meet you. Thank you again, Laverne. Hopefully we'll be able to meet in person one day! 

DebD (not verified)

oh cool, another Mont. Co. weaver!!  I'm in the same town as you lquijano!  Welcome to Weavolution.

bolivian warmi

You are so close to my friends! Next time I am in Poolesville, I will definitely contact you. Let's hope that we can meet at thhe mannings for a class.


Thank you, DebD! I don't know if I can call myself a weaver just yet, but soon!!!! It's encouraging to know there are others with similar interests nearby!

Yes, my fingers are crossed for the workshop in April, Laverne! Until then....good luck with all your other projects and workshops!