I'm new to tapestry and have a small Mirrix that I'm currently using for online classes with Rebecca Metzoff.  I am wondering about suitability of my 22 +_ yr old Fireside floor loom (with worm drive, sectional warp beam) for tapestry. Has anyone done this?  Can the lamms/jacks withstand the higher warp tension? Will harnesses/shafts stay down when they should with tapestry tension? Would tying multiple treadles to each of the 2 shafts reduce the load on one lamm? (does that question even make sense?)

Of course the best method is to test...meanwhile I have something else on that loom.  (I did try to contact new Fireside owners).

If anyone out there has a wonderful tapestry loom and would like to work a trade/sale for a 24 S AVL...let me know.

Many thanks.  

Cate in Northern California

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