Summertime Weaving Projects?

Now that we are into the heat of the summer I would like to know what everyone is weaving.

I am experimenting with a weft faced. plain weave structure.  My warp is two strands of 8/4 carpet warp set at 4 epi.  The weft is 3 strand wool about 1200 yards per pound.  The cloth is 44 1/2 inches wide in the loom.  I really like how it is coming out, but at 48 ppi it is weaving up slowly. 

4 epi vs. 48 ppi is the most unbalanced weave I have ever done!  Other than the slow progress, my biggest headache is that I get less than two inches of cloth per bobbin. 

What is everyone else working on?  Light and airy for summer use or nice and warm for the coming winter?  Or (horrors!) is your loom sitting idle?

Getting warped in Colorado!






I am not sure what happened to the pictures. It looks like the site no longer accepts attachments in the post.  I will need to host these images on flickr or someplace similar and then insert a link.  Oh well.


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