Any experienced drop spinners here? I woukd appreciate any advice about spinjing with a suspended (drop) spindle using a distaff.





sometimes, when spinning flax, I use a simple "pole" (last time that was a warp stick) tucked into my belt. At that time, I had a newspaper cone as a base for the flax: the strick tied at the top, fanned out around the cone (which may have been stuffed with more newspaper, I don't remember).

I have never used a distaff when spindling wool.


Currently blue face leicester, but I plan to spin off a distaff most of the time. So all tips are welcome. I struggle with winding any fibre around my arm to keep it out of the way.

Sara von Tresckow

I've tried a distaff with wool a few times - I think it is one of those things where you practice until it works for you. Keeping the fiber wrapped loosely around the stick, putting the stick in the belt are pretty much self-explanatory (look in as many old books as possible, old paintings, etc.). There are many styles - mostly dependent on culture - but I'm with you, wrapping roving around the wrist is awkward.

It certainly makes managing the fiber and not having it tangle in your hands while trying to get the spindle moving a bit easier. I've watched a Greek friend do it - she just lays the fiber around the distaff loosely in a way that allows her to unwind it easily as she progresses.


Thanks! I've done as you said. I guess I just need to get used to the feel of it!

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