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I am new to the fiber world and was wondering if any one out there has a book or books that r must haves to have for spinning?? I am looking for a book or books to learn from. I am not sure were I even need to start. I have been watching on youtube and other sites. Checking out how to and equipment too. Just wondering what everyone here would suggest. Thanks



is a very good one for beginners. It shows, and has you experiment, how drafting works and how twist makes the fibres become yarn, i. e. the very beginning. I don't have Maggie Casey's book (from Interweave) but have read good things about it.

If you love to read, get Alden Amos: Big Book of Handspinning - everything is in there - somewhere - and a lot more. However, organisation leaves a bit to be desired - I compare it to a chat by the fireside (which is a a great place to read the book - preferably curled up with some nibbles). On the other hand, if you just want to look up the info as quickly as possible so you can get on with spinning, stay away from this one.

If you have a library nearby, just check out everything they have on the subject - you are the best judge of which author corresponds best to your learning style. (The books I have found not very useful are Rachel Browns "Weaving, Spinning and Dyeing Book" - for learning to spin, the weaving and dyeing parts are very good, and Judith McKenzie's "Teach yourself visually handspinning" - detailed review on amazon.com)

Actually, probably the best aid to learning to spin are Patsy Z.'s (Zawitoski - can never remember the spelling, may be slightly different) videos: "Spinning Wool - Basics and Beyond" for beginning, and then "Spinning Cotton, Silk and Flax" (if you want to spin these fibres) and "Spinning and Plying Textured Yarns". These three videos are simply excellent! For wheel spinning only, though. Mabel Ross has on her video (forgot the title, but there's only one) a demonstration of park and draft with a spindle. Otherwise the video is probably better as a second one (after Patsy Z.'s), as it introduces the concepts of twist per inch and how it relates to yarn diameter and twist angle.

Happy spinning!





One more to add to that list (no quarrels with what's there) -- Paula Simmons' "Spinning For Softness and Speed".  It is not for absolute newbies, but her technique can & should be learned early-on.

I am looking into all of the books listed thank u so much for the info. I will go to amazon and see what I can find. I have been lucky on amazon finding books. Thanks again!!


unfortunately.  If you find what you are looking for, great, but the choice IS limited. For the videos (I can't recommend them often enough - seeing how things are done is so much easier than translating a written description into pictures in my mind - and I LOVE books. But spinning videos were an eye-opener.), and rarer or out of print books you are much better off at a spinning supplier (Kansas Yarn Barn are somehow related to Victorian Video Productions and have all of their videos - IMHO Victorian videos are better made than Interweave ones, at least the ones I've seen). I've also found out of print books that were offered for horrendous sums at Amazon Marketplace for the publisher's price at spinning suppliers. By the way, browsing suppliers' web sites is an education in itself. Have fun!

I have ordered one of Patsy Z videos. I waiting on it to come in thanks so much u were right!! I did find some things on Amazon but, prices were as much or more than on the other site. Thanks again, I will let u know how it works out!!


I'm reading a really good book now called Learn to spin with Anne Field : spinning basics. Get it from your library for free :) ISBN# 9781570764929


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