<p>The underside of my kimono-style Sea Goddess Tunic <a class="ext" href="…; rel="noopener" target="_blank"><strong>collar</strong> </a><span class="ext"></span>is as pretty as the right side. I love the aqua-purple colorway of the mercerized cotton knitting yarn (Plymouth Pendenza Teal/Purple). I just finished weaving a kimono-style collar for a <a class="ext" href="…; rel="noopener" target="_blank"><strong>tunic vest</strong></a><span class="ext"></span>. I will fold the collar lengthwise to sew it around the vest neckline. I plan to weave the vest fabric on my eight shaft floor loom. I chose to experiment with some unusual yarns (I can’t seem to NOT experiment; I get bored easily): a WEBS® chenille warp and a fingering weight cotton knitting yarn with an aqua/lavender colorway for the pattern weft. The combination looks as terrific as I had hoped. The chenille covers up more of the pattern weft than a smoother yarn would, but I love the velvety feel of chenille against my neck. The tabby weft is a Lunatic Fringe Yarns 20/2 mercerized cotton yarn in the same color as the chenille (red-purple for both).</p>

Number of Shafts
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