Have you seen items that have seams that you want to share? Or, maybe you have an idea for something you designed.



Project: Keep It Simple baby blanket

Loom: rigid heddle

Special note: Close up image of sewing the hidden seam during and after. You might want to look at that part, even if you are not choosing this as a project.

Url: http://www.weavezine.com/content/kiss-baby.html


Project: hooded scarf with pockets

Note: It is a knitted scarf, but the folds and seams are the same process. She does show the step when she is making the seam, but the camera angle does not give a close view. The best use of this video is to see where the seams are sewn to create the garment. Very simple.

Video: https://youtu.be/f1fD6ngns-s



Project: Fold a scarf and with a few simple seams you can create a shoulder pouch bag.

Note: Several Weavolution members have made this bag. Search in Projects for 'Tibetan bag'.





These are loose garments assembled as fabric strips. They may inspire you to create your own.

One Button Jacket: http://pin.it/liyrArx

Flower Garden Tunic: http://pin.it/WJ4Qf-M

Linen Top: http://pin.it/2bMqXXf



I've been looking at this purse, and the pattern is available for sale as a pdf download.  At a different web site, I've seen a few completed project from handwovens, and learn that the instructions are clear and detailed.  I would like to make this!  Its a bit scary, not only because of cutting and sewing handwoven fabric, but there are also two zippers!  But I figure sewing is something that I should be able to do, and that if I can do electron microscopy, sequence dna, and graft seedlings smaller than a sunflower seed, then this, too, should be possible!  I might make a first go at the pattern with some commercial fabric.



Lena on craftsy.com took the Rigid Heddle Basics class and wove a jacket that won a County Fair ribbon. She has made a pattern and instructions. All you need is a rigid heddle loom (minimum 15 ") and basic sewing skills. 

Links to 1.  photo of jacket and 2. Pattern purchase




There are lots of tutorials on line for zippered pouches.  Its a nice small project for honing your sewing skills.  Zippers are less mysterious now, but I probably should make at least one more before tackling my purse.


Zippers are difficult to rip out and do over. Good idea to be certain the instruction is complete and understood. You did well. 

Maneuvering in small spaces and curves on a small piece seems like it would be  more difficult than laying in a zipper and liner in a medium or large bag.

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