I just added some pictures of some purses I've been making using my Pot holder loom.  I've made these for years for myself and given them as gifts.  Their the size of the loom plus any extra that I may choose to add for the sides and bottom.  I've even woven the sides and bottom on the pot holder loom on one of them.  They're a perfect size for carrying just the essentials.  Check them out on my profile.

What I think is the best about the little loom is that I can take it with me everywhere and weave.  I'm glad that there is a place to talk about what we can make on it.

Andy Lyle, www.Andy0514.etsy.com


djfiberarts (not verified)

Just checked out your etsy store. Your bags are so cute!


Noreen Crone-Findlay

Lovely, Andy!

I've added you to my favorites on etsy. :o) Noreen