Oelsner #671 turned and expanded to 14 shafts

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Oelsner draft #671 turned and expanded to 14 shafts; shafts 15-16 are used for a basket weave edge



Thanks for posting this draft!

I'm a little confused by the treddling however.   I see the black pattern treddling, but what is the blue tabby treddling on the side?




The blue on the right edge is the border on shafts 15-16. The pattern repeat is the non-blue on shafts 1-14.

What I'm not understanding is the treddling.   To me this looks like the first pick, for example, uses treddle 15 AND 17.   Treddle 15 lifts shafts 2, 5, 8, 9, 11, 12 and treddle 17 lifts shaft 16.   Is that correct?   My weaving software, as far as I know, won't even do this - show two treddles.   You can either do a lift plan or not, but not a lift plan on just the tabby treddles.

And I don't think I can make the treddling from two colors of filled in blocks either.   What software are you using?



To Sally: some software has a choice between "only one treadle" and "mutlipedal treadling" (and liftplan, of course). (At least both Fibreworks and Weavepoint do...)


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A Handbook of Weaves
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