No active weaving today

but I am going to be warping my rigid heddle loom for double weave. I firgures out my pattern and calculated my warp length and yardage so now on to the warping. Then weaving tomorrow.



I think it's OK not to weave every day, as long as you're making progress on your project!  I have not woven anything today (I wove about 12" yesterday), but I've knitted up another blank, this time an extra-long one for the coat facing.  One more blank and I'll be DONE knitting up blanks! and can clear the table to make room for drafting patterns and sewing muslins.  I can hardly wait!


I didn't weave today, but I did finish tying on a warp for some striped towels.  It is threaded, sleyed and all I have to do tomorrow is the final tension check and then I will be weaving.

8 towels on this warp.


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