Hey All,

I've recently acquired a HD 50" Floor Loom.  Since I prefer texsolv heddles, I replaced the flat metal heddles with the texsolv ones.  I put my first warp on my new to me loom this weekend and can't seem to get a good shed.  Is this problem related to the heddles or are there other forces at work.  I've tried adjusting my tie ups with limited success.  Should I weight my harnesses?  Any pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you all.



Joanne Hall

First tell us what you mean by a good shed.  Is the bottom or top of the shed not even, or is the shed not large enough?

How wide is your warp?  The wider your warp, the more you need to press on the treadles to raise the shafts.  If the treadling is too hard, you may need to loosen the tension on the warp threads.  Remember, this is a jack loom and the more threads you are lifting, the harder you need to press on the treadles. 

If you have a fuzzy thread, it might be the thread that is the problem.  What warp are you using and what is the sett?

If it is not hard to press on the treadles and you still don't have a large enough shed, then you may need to shorten the treadle cords.

The last resort would be to put some metal rods on top of the shafts to make them more heavy. But first you need to know if the shafts are too light weight, or if it is the thread that is the problem.  So, try the other things first.



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