for HalloWeave are to finish my tree tapestry and to finish up an advancing twill scarf that has been on one of my 8-shaft looms for eons.  I am planning on working on them for a bit everyday, plus I have other stuff on the other looms.  I have said before, I just love weaving in the morning!

advancing twill  This is the scarf, woven on an 8-shaft advancing twill on a rayon warp with a variegated cotton weft.  I am hoping to get some collapse-type structure once I wet-finish, but I really need to finish weaving the darn thing first!  I had to dust the loom and the warp to throw my shuttle this morning.

tree  The tapestry is almost there, just need to finish up the tree top and sky.




Here is where I am now at - the tree is getting taller.

taller tree


I now have both my Halloweave projects off my looms.  Still work to be done on the scarf, fringe and wet finishing, but it is off the loom.  This has been on my loom for a few days over 2 years - talk about embarrassing.  I had dressed the loom and started weaving, then was injured and could not weave for about 6 months and once I was able to weave again I had lost interest in the project and I had other looms to play on.  This was when having multiple looms worked against me, I had other looms so I just ignored this one.  HalloWeave got me going to finish it off.

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