Monks Belt

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<p>The threading and first treadling for this Monks Belt project were derived,&nbsp;with changes,&nbsp;from the Treasure Chest of Swedish Weaving by Ingerlise Skjoldebrand, pp. 78-79.&nbsp; Other treadlings were derived from Marguerite Davison&#39;s A Handweaver&#39;s Pattern Directory, 1944 ed., 4th printing,&nbsp;Chap. XIII, Monk&#39;s Belt and Kindred Designs,&nbsp;beginning on p. 74.&nbsp; Other treadlings suggested themselves during weaving.</p>



I especially like the all green one.   Very nice!



<p>Warp thread&nbsp;was&nbsp;Aunt Lydia&#39;s #10 crochet cotton in white, sleyed 2 per dent in a 10 dpi reed.&nbsp; Tabby weft same.&nbsp; Pattern weft was Coats 6-strand&nbsp;embroidery thread.&nbsp; Warp was 13 1/4 in. wide at the reed and each motif was between 8 and 9 inches long under tension on the loom.&nbsp;&nbsp;After finishing, the motifs were 12 1/2 in. wide and between 7 and 8 inches long.&nbsp; Each motif took 6 or 7 little hanks of embroidery thread.&nbsp; Motifs were woven to make little zipper pouches for my&nbsp;daughters-in-law &amp; granddaughters for Easter.</p>

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ISBN 91-552-0981-5
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Treasure Chest of Swedish Weaving, p. 78
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