Mini Twill Sampler


<p><span style="line-height: 20.8px;">I created this draft as a total learning exercise: &nbsp;#1 to learn how to use Fiberworks, #2 to learn more about twill threadings, and #3 to have to go through a more complicated loom set up than I had previously. &nbsp;The striping in the warp was also done for this purpose, as I had never gone through the steps to plan and create one prior to this. &nbsp;I definitely learned-- probably the biggest takeaway was that striped warps (especially those with complicated threadings and sleys of multiple threads per dent) are better warped using a back-to-front warping method, rather than front-to-back. &nbsp;I warped front-to-back, and had problems with crossed threads. &nbsp;I was able to partically correct these issues and to finish weaving the sampler, but it was a pain and I had to constantly make sure the threads that I couldn&#39;t fix were not rubbing on each other or tightening</span></p>

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