When my wife and I were in Siem Reap Cambodia we passed a building called an "Institute of Pottery and Weaving". We stopped and discovered that there were eight looms in operation producing very fine cotton fabric. We came back the next day and I spent a day throwing a shuttle back and forth.

This picture shows the overall loom layout. Notice how the warp is wound around a large plank. Each warp was wound around a different sized plank. The wood was a highly polished dark hardwood.

This picture shows the beater- harness arrangement. The beater is a solid frame hung on a bamboo shaft that rests on the batten supports.The roller and heddles are  hung rom the same shaft.


Clasped Heddles.




This picture shows how the cloth beam is advanced. Advancing the cloth seemed to be a two person job.


Most of the looms were two shaft but some were four shaft. Instead of pedals each harness had a bamboo shaft hung below it. It must take a lot of practice to be able to select the proper shafts to depress using your heels and toes.



Sue in VT

Loved browsing these details!  Yes, they certainly accomplish big things with what appears to be simple material!  We travel in SEA and always seek out hand weavers. I spent a day with a weaver in Luang Prabang Lao and left in awe of their speed and talent at Pattern work with supplemental warps!

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