Dear New York Area Weavers,

The New York Guild of Handweavers has had several requests for a workshop on warp painting.  Can anyone suggest an excellent instructor for our group?  Thank you in advance!

XO Gail & Fog


tommye scanlin

Kathrin Weber who live in Western NC does wonderful handpainted warps for her work and teaches about the method.  Her website is: She's also a member of Southern Highland Craft Guild and I'm sure you could contact her through them.


Linda Ihle

I would also highly recomend Kathrin Weber. I purchase pre-wound hand/space dyed warps from her and I know she teaches all over the country plus at John C. Campbell and Penland Art Schools. She's coming to my area in March to teach a class that I'll be attending and I'm very excited!! Check her out at the website above or also on Facebook. She's also got a "warp of the month" page on Facebook where you can order some of what she's dyeing that month. She also sells her yarn to knitters. The class she's doing here will be 3 days. The first 2 are weaving with warps that she brings all ready to dress your loom with and the last day she does the dyeing part of the class. So you come to the class with an empty loom. First she teaches you how to design and dress your loom with the hand dyed yarns and then she teaches you how to dye the yarn yourself.

sally orgren

teaches a painted warp workshop, but it may last more than one day. The general process is threading the loom in advance, pulling the warp out the front with special techniques to treat and paint it with dyes, then dry and rebeam to weave. By thickening the dye, participants can make interesting designs and lines, you are not limited to an overall ikat effect.

Dena (not verified)

She's fabulous.  Natural dyeing and warp painting.


Dear Sally,  Thank you for feedback on Sarah's Warp Painting.  This sounds like exactly what wea re looking for- I didint want a workshop where teh warp is stretch on a table and painted, like we did at Caroline's Dye Day 2 years ago, I was hoping for something with more technique..Thank you Thank you!!  I hope to catch up with you soon- have too much going on being Pres of NYGH- POTUS might be an easier gig!!


sally orgren

and how you paint the warp. I did not take the workshop, but I tried the technique at Caroline's Dye day this year. I planned an 8 shaft design and painted diamonds on the warp, so it is kind of cool how the smaller woven pattern emulates the bigger dyed diamond shapes. However, Sarah has some process tricks that make this a bit easier than attempting a DIY project. Yes, I would recommend taking the workshop. Our guild really had a great time and the results were spectacular!