Do you have weavers in your country or your nearer culture, who had a special influence to your weaving?

 Maybe you like to share  some anecdots or have some weblinks to show.

I´m very influenced by the nordish weavings in generall and in special again and again of Winnie Poulsen( DK) who has the motto, which also make a hand-woven fabric   handwoven , by working the small details that are not determined by machine to achieve. At time she had a column in Vävmagasinet. You can see pictures of her works here:

My favorite are the towels with hanger in the middle Handtücher Leinen Hanf ( seperate warp). Actually I try a variation of this with a Rep-border.

 Who or wich weaving ideas do fire your weaving?





Winnie Poulsen's column is always one of the first things I look for when my issues of Väv come, I love her work. I hardly ever do recipe projects where you follow someones instructions, but I actually just got the materials together to make those towels with the hangers in the middle. But first I have to finish this rather boring uphostery fabric i need :)


desertweaver (not verified)

Can we revisit this towel with the hangers in the middle idea again, please.  I'm interested to know how to make the towels that, right in the middle of the towel, there seems to be a tabby line that extends right out off the edge to make a hanger.  I saw an illustration that Winnie Poulsen did but do not have instructions and it baffles me.  If these are the hangers being discussed I'd be very interested knowing how to do this technique.  

Does anyone know how to weave this feature?

Kristina (not verified)

It´s a kind of rep in the middle of the warp. This warp threats will be fixed not on the warp beam, they have a seperate  weight ( I used a bottle water)  at their end. I wove  a variation of Winnies towels with the rep for the border   ( ). In the middle of the towel you only weave the repstripe, as long as you need. Than you have to pull the stripe to form the hanger and fixe it with a pin on your fabric. After that weaving goes as normal. For the draft you can have a look at my Rosepath-Tabby draft here   ( ), there you only have to put the tabby area in the middle of your weaving. 

I hope that helps for a start. The exact weaving description you can find here:


Moe (not verified)

Hello Kristina

Just to let you know the link doesn't work for me.

Kristina (not verified)

Which link do you mean?

Kristina (not verified)

I hope this link will work:

If not look for:  and click on the left side at " Galerie"

Good luck!



Another way to make hangers in the middle (also from Winnie, I think) is to 1) weave until you reach the middle

2) cut a piece of cardboard (or two, if you want hangers on both sides)

3) take the next wefts out and around the cardboard pieces for as many picks as needed for the width of the hanger

4) take out the cardboard pieces (or leave them in, but take care *not* to go around them anymore) and weave until "done".
After cutting off, needleweave the hangers using the loops.

Sorry, no picture, those towels are sold... but I hope the description makes sense.

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