I'm happy to announce that the book is now available through Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

Canadians can expect to pay $32.60 and its available for free shipping. Delivery of my copy will be towards the end of September.

(If you direct order from the publisher, it's $49.99 US$)


Enjoy!   Susan.... and please spread the word!



claudia (not verified)

Hi Susan,

Can you tell us more about the book?  do you own it?


Susan Harvey (not verified)

Hi Claudia and all,

I own a (signed) copy of Linda's original book and its been much loved over the years. It covers the history of linen production geographically and back through time, and carries on with weaving, setts, dyeing and fabric care. A real treasure. Now weavers can replaced their tired copies and new weavers can see what we have been talking about!

I was contacted by Linda to help 'spread the word' regarding the newly revised edition. It is far easier to have readers visit my blog post and read what changes have been made by Linda herself, including two samples of new images. ( Permission was  granted only for my blog and I'd rather not break this trust....)


Please note the title of the new revision is "Linen: from flax seed to woven cloth" I was not aware of the name change at the time of writing this post last February.



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