I was given a "Lean On Klopman" metal floor loom. I know nothing about weaving. I tried to look up on the internet but found nothing on it. Can anybody tell me about it or where I can find resorces/instruction on it. Thank you



When I looked for "Lean on Klopman", I found a fabric and clothing line.  If you can tell us what kind of loom it is (information on different types of looms can be found on Glimakra's website), it would help.  Unless the loom has unique requirements for usage, like a dobby loom, they all work pretty much the same, and many loom "manuals" are only assembly instructions.  So, if you get a beginning weaving book, that will tell you how to read a draft, wind a warp, and weave, you can apply that information to any loom.  Many new weavers expect that a manual for their loom will tell them how to weave on it, but that is like expecting your car's owner's manual to teach you to drive.


I need to make a correction. It is actually a table loom even thought is is very heavy and big. It has a Burlington stickers on it also. I did some research and Burlungton bought out Klopman mills. This make sense since I live  an hour away from Burlington, NC where the company was. It uses no petals, counter weight, nothing to turn shaft thread, or the different shafts except side leavers. Thank you for the infomation.


Fabric mills generally don't make looms, woodworkers do.  The stickers may not have anything to do with the source of the loom.  My cone stands have Brassard stickers on them, but don't cone from Maurice Brassard.  The cotton used on them does.  It really doesn't matter who made it.  It can be interesting to know, but not important to use it.  Leclerc may have information on their website on table looms.  Table looms have levers instead of treadles (to use on a table), not sure what you mean by turning shaft thread.  What are shaft threads?

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