I just finished weaving a short Japanese kimono jacket (called a haori) for a friend.  I added braids on either side for a closure and created these braids using a circular piece of cardboard with a hole in the middle (like a donut.)  I've tried to explain the process of working with 8 pieces of yarn to "weave" or braid the cord on my projects page.  Here are some photos:   PRETTY SIMPLE TOOL!  If there is enough interest I can do more step-by-step photos, but the YouTube video that I've mentioned in my Project Page does a great job of explaining the technique.

 detail of the kumihimo braid on the haori

 the loom with marks for notches ...



claudia (not verified)

This is excellent.  I was planning on using the backstrap loom to make some bands for a project I am working on.  I have always wanted to try kumihimo but not willing to buy the equipment.

What did you weight the threads with?  What size yarn did you use?  Is that all on the projects page?


suzyhok (not verified)

 Hi Claudia...

It's fun to do.  No weights needed -- the notches do the trick on the yarns and the braid goes down through the center hole and seems fine.  I used worsted weight wool -- but you can use anything.  It's written out on my project page but this YouTube helps understand the technique.  I made it simple and used a circle.  Good luck!



Ariaya (not verified)

 I've done the same thing!  I love making my own tools to use :)  

To help manage the strands of yarn, I use bobbins like they use for embroidery thread ... you can make some easily with a bit of cardboard if you don't have any around.

suzyhok (not verified)

 That's why I used old spools before... not for weights but to roll up the unbraided yarn!  Thanks so much for reminding me.  Right now I'm doing a braid with black and gold yarn to uses as a necklace so the yarns are quite long.  I'll have to try use my extra plastic shuttle bobbins.  

Thanks again...


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