Introduce yourself here! We can get to know each other and share our guild experiences, evetns, workshops, etc!



I'll start things off. I belong to the Cambridge WSD Guild. I've been in England 8 years and live in both Buckinghamshire and Suffolk/Norfolk. I've belonged to several guilds in my time here. I have enjoyed all the meetings I've been able to attend over the years.

I have been weaving I was about 8, having been taught by my mother. Growing up we didn't have much opportunity to be active in guilds. I enjoy both the comraderie that can be found in a local guild, as well as, the comraderie found here!



B P (not verified)

I too belong to the Cambs Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers. Many of our members are very keen weavers, so we run workshops, and host talks to reflect this.

This September, on Saturday 1st, we will be hosting a Talk by Laverne Waddington on the "Backstrap Weaving of South America". Guests are very welcome to attend this Talk which will be held in Arbury, Cambridge at 2pm. (For further information, please send me a PM.)

I hope we will see some of our Weavo weavers that Saturday afternoon - it will be nice to meet you!



I have had some time off work due to stress and noticed a weaving loom for sale near my parents on ebay (April 2011) . I got it cheaply and have started to experiment. I also put a ridiculously low bid in for a floor loom and also got that (£20.82) (Nov 2011). I have nearly finished my shed to put it in. Being a cheapskate I have salvaged everything (including all the nails holding it together). It should be water tight by the end of the day and I can then assemble my loom.

I have been to the last two meetings of Nottinghamshire Spinners Weavers and Dyers. Their next meeting is tomorrow when we shall be doing inkle weaving. I will have to carry three cotswold fleeces with me on my bike. Two have been bought and one is still for sale.

Next month I am getting some Oxford Down fleeces (11) and am looking to sell most of them. I have been lent a spinning whell and hope to do everything from fleece to finished product. Still at the beginning stage but certainly not as stressed as I was.

I hear the Cotswold Sheep Association are doing a weaving thing but all I can find is a spinning day and a trip to a weaving mill. Have been told ot os neither of these but cannot contact person who told me to find out more. WHen I do I will post info



Wow Paul, you are a resourceful guy! I am in awe of all that you have done, building your own studio and getting your loom back together! Great Job. I'm really interested to see what you produce. It is really great to have more men weaving and on the site. As a medievalist, it is great to really see weaving getting back to it's roots as a cross gender art/profession! It was one of the few professions that was open to both men and women in the Middle Ages, so I love that we have come full circle.