I have an 8 louet klic with treadles. Plastic shafts and wooden frame are not playing nicely together. Is my memory correct that silicon spray is the best to use with this sticking? I've searched but haven't found conversations I remember. Thanks in advance.



Beeswax is my usually go to tool for wood on wood.  I'm not sure if it is appropriate for plastic on wood.

sequel (not verified)

Beeswax can be sticky, that's why people use it on their spinning wheel drive bands, to improve the grip of the band on the wheel.  First contact the manufacturer and see what they may recommend.


The photo I'm looking at on-line, shows wood frames sliding against each other.  Make sure that none are warped, and the frames are nice and smooth and your loom is square overall.  You could try rubbing the frames with a finishing pad - an abrasive pad sold where sandpaper is sold at the hardware store - before adding anything else. 


The loom components on my loom are plastic shaft side bars within a wood slot system. Definitely plastic on wood sticking situation. Not sure if drawing you are looking at is appropriate for my model. Specific model is the Louet Kombo 4 x 4, with stand/treadle system. My apologies, used term klic above, mine is an older discontinued model. I'll recheck the squareness. Jane Stafford, Louet rep, had a couple of other mechanical adjustments that I'll run out. Plus I'll look for the finishing pad. Will email Jane specifically about wood/plastic lubricant. Thanks DMc