Hi, folks! I'm Stellaria - not a member of SCA, but I do attend events in Donnershafen (I think I spelled that right! Northern Michigan, anyway) occasionally. Mine is a Viking persona in a different medieval combat game called Dagorhir, and I'm just getting into tablet weaving and hoping to learn much more about sewing and textile techniques in the Middle Ages. Right now I have a band on the loom that will eventually become a sprang hat. I'll be starting the supplemental weft as soon as I have time to do so.


marlenedg (not verified)

Well Hi stell, I am in the SCA and have been for 20+ years now and it leads me to all kinds of things like weaving. I wanted rugs for my new SCA pavilion so i am learning to weave and making rugs. My son, also a member , saw a rug I was working on and now he wants a Toblaro board woven in checkie for a gift to the King. I think I will teach him how to do it and he ca make his own.

 Welcome and lets have fun.

Marlene in Oregon

HL Mehitabel Pottern in An Tir !


Erica J

Greetings Stellaria and Marlene, It is fantastic to meet you both! I've also been in the SCA for over 10 years. This group welcomes all re-enactors who weave, since we're all interested in Medieval Textiles. All your projects sound fanstastic. I'm into weaving material for bags and other accessories right now! I recently wove a houndstooth in blue and gold for a friend. I have wet finished it and just need to take it with me to Ireland this weekend to sew it up at the event! Namaste, Jahanarabanu Vivana of Insulae Draconis in Drachenwald
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