I inherited a loom from my mother. My father bought this loom at an estate sale in the early 1970s. I think this is homemade, as I can not find any maker's mark on the loom. It is a four shaft table loom. I've done a few repairs and gotten it in good working order. I'm a beginning weaver, but am learning! The loom came with a 15 dent reed. It is possible to unscrew the beater and replace the reed, however, I have no way of knowing if any reed I buy will fit. The beater has two grooves in the top and bottom, and the reed has a soldered lip on the top and bottom that help fit it into the grooves so it does not slip out. I don't have a weaving store anywhere near me, so I have to purchase any supplies online. I can upload more detailed photos, if anyone would like to see. I am wondering if anyone recognizes this loom, or if anyone can think of where I could get different sized reeds that will fit. Any advice is appreciated!!




Unless your reed is home  made (which I doubt very much) any reed you buy that will fit the width of the loom will fit.  the bars at the top and bottom are all the same on all reeds.  Not sure what you mean by a soldered lip.  Your photo did not show.  Look at reeds for sale on Ebay and see if yours is any different.


I need help too but with an old Dorset loom.   I'm new to weaving.  Can anyone help?


What do you need help with?

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