Let's share some ideas for quick and not so quick gifts.  I know I'm always looking for ideas.  Today, I'm warping my rigid heddle with cotton worsted at 8 epi for my daughter's placemats.  What's on your loom or on your to-do list?



Erica J

I wish I'm lacking even ideas of what t weave for gifts this year! What are y ouweaving for gifts?


and towels and a shawl - I am also going to be knitting fingerless gloves if I get around to that! Maybe a spa cloth or two. I have some of the scarves done already and if they look okay off the loom - I will probably give away the waffle weave towels too.Tina

ChrisWeaveMaine (not verified)

I'm waiting for my son and daughter-in-law to choose colors for their placemats. My daughter chose browns and blues in a plaid, which are really fun. I'm knitting myself some gloves in sock yarn. It's my first attempt at gloves, but I'm just going to do the "k1, skip1" techniques to do the little tubes for each finger. I need to get my big loom project off the loom, because the next bureau runner warp is ready to go on. Chris

Dawn McCarthy

I am going to try for some holiday kitchen towels - although things are so busy with work and family (oh and isn't there a big holiday coming up - haven't even thought about that yet).  





lkautio (not verified)

I'm midwifing a book to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Weavers Guild of Boston.  Over a hundred weavers, with a range from true beginner to jacquard level.  We just passed the intake deadline and I am the intake person, which means I am frantically treading water trying to catch up with the last minute deluge.  Though this project seems to eat every minute of the day, it should be very worthwhile. 

Laurie Autio


a couple more scarves to start and finish and they are not even for people I am giving them to but for my mom and sister to gift to their friends! I did get a Christmas mantle scarf fishined for me - now to find the time to actually do some Christmas decorating!


Barbara Keyser (not verified)

is empty right now - warp is measured but not on yet.  Not a Christmas project, just next set of shawls to sell next year.  I did get a knitted Vest done this week for my brother and crocheted bookmarks for my tea on sunday.  Still have a couple sewing projects to do for Xmas.  Need more Energy - stil recovering from Surgery in October.  Did get up my Xmas Lights out front - looks so cheerful so hopefully that will push me to get more done.  Maybe I should wrap a few presents ?   Have a good day all.

ChrisWeaveMaine (not verified)

I'm finally sewing together a tote I wove for my daughter this summer. So many projects intervened.  Her birthday is Sunday, so I'm under deadline. I'm still weaving her placemats on the RH, and the warp is ready to go on the floor loom.  I took a break (?) in November to participate in National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and finished my novel on Tuesday.  Now the editing begins. I'm not sure which is more painful.  Weaving is keeping me sane.  I figure if my son and daughter-in-law haven't chosen placemat colors, maybe I should realize they don't want placemats.  Well, must go do some work people pay me for.  Happy Holiday preparations!


mrdubyah (not verified)

Just finishing up an Ms & Ws scarf for my sister.  Winter scarves are great last minute gift projects as the narrow width makes for quick warping and the heavy yarns weave up quickly.  This pattern is really easy and (if I say so myself) kind of pretty!

ChrisWeaveMaine (not verified)

I need to check out your projects. This is really beautiful.  What lucky recipients!


carla rollins (not verified)

The panic begins.  I've got a four scarf warp on my Norwood with 2 scarfs done...hand hemming on the loom so tomorrow I should be throwing the shuttle some more and hopefully get the other two done in a day or so.  One scarf is ordered so I have to get going.  I also have a chenille baby blanket on order so I may whip that on, possibly by Sunday. Usually I wouldn't put a warp on for one but time is short. I always do this to myself....push the "edge".  My other loom has a neat project on it, men's ties for women but it's a complicated pattern and takes time.  I don't think it will make it for christmas.


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