I'm a new member who's been weaving less than a year, on a Herald 4H 6T loom I was given last year.  Because these looms are discontinued and can be quirky, I started a Herald owners group so we can talk about them - if there has already been such a group I will delete it, but I didn't see one....


sequel (not verified)

I've woven on Herald looms for years.  I'm ready!

hyacinthwannabe (not verified)

I just finished putting my 4H6T Herald loom together this week. It was a giveaway to me and I'm very happy to get this loom. I'm waiting for a new stainless reed to arrive so that I can start weaving and see if there are any quirks with the loom. I'm going to try to use the heddles that came with the loom but I already replaced the treadle wires with texsolv cords and am keeping my fingers crossed. It will be nice to have a place to ask questions from other owners of Herald looms.  Thanks for starting the group.

FiberGeekery (not verified)

I have a 8 harness Herald loom. I have had it almost 2 years and have woven lots of stuff on it.

I replaced the wires with fishing cord but would love to see photos of Texsolve cords for tying up.

My loom also is a bit splayed at the top of the castle. Right now i have a band clamp on it to prevent the front harness from coming out of the track. Would love to see other solutions for this problem. other




I was wondering if you would be willing to take some photography of your loom.  I just aquired one and it's in peices.  Like a giant puzzle.  Pictures would help me get it back together I believe.  This is my first loom.  Thanks in advance.  



I am trying to help a young weaver who just purchased a Herald Loom.  Any advice or information that you could provide to help get the loom going would be much appreciated.  I haven't seen the loom yet (it is a two hour drive each way) so I am trying to get all info I can before I make the trip.  She says that the treadles are not working.

Melodie Usher


I just aquired a 45" Herald 10 Treddle loom.  But mine is in pieces.  So I am currently putting the puzzle back together.  Have you had a chance to use yours yet?   And if it's together would you be able to send me some pictures of it.  It will help me put it together.  Thank you 


Hi I just recently aquired a Herald 45" 10 treddle Loom.  It is in pieces and i was hoping one or some of you could post some pictures of your loom so I can put it together.  Thanks for you help.  


I've had my 4H Herald Loom since 1992 and it is my favorite.  I also have a 10H Macomber (that I'm going to sell) and an 8H Baby Wolf.  The only problem I have is the steel tie wires.  I need to get new ones and don't know where.  Any suggestions?


Sure hope this group hasn't stopped.  I did sell my 10H Macomber, still have 8H Baby Wolf and my 4H Herald Loom is still my favorite.  It is so comfortable and easy to weave on.  I just prepared a presentation to my local guild to be given tomorrow on Loom Maintenance or Caring For My Loom.  Decided to try to follow my advice and clean my Herald as it is the oldest.  It really wasn't in such bad shape, but I did all the spraying, Johnson paste waxing and calling my husband to loosen some bolts so I could take care of them.  Found I needed to adjust my presentation a little.  I wish all who write instructions would try them before sending them out.  Would make life easier.  If anyone is here, please respond.  I did find the Instruction Manual that goes with it if anyone needs some information.

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