Four Shaft Overshot Poppies

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<p>The actual draft here is pieced together from a photo of woven cloth in the book and other similar threadings of the motif and table. The design is Greek in origin woven sometime between 1920-40. The sample is in the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto.</p>



Nice draft! I must admit I clicked on it, because I misready the title. I read "Overshot Puppies". LOL, maybe I need more coffee. :)


I love overshot patterns but they look too complicated I have tried but I went wrong ,I have a 4shaft loom, I dressed the loom as the draft states but after each weave there's the tabby ,is the tabby built in , like sometimes you can bring up shafts 1&3 for tabby 1 ,then shafts 2&4 for tabby 2,but in some dafts this doesn't work because of the way the pattern draft is set


Tie-up is for sinking shed loom (countermarche) on 6 treadles, for jack loom users the lifts in the draft are white. The wif file does not have the tabby drawn in, but the tie-up is shown on the first two treadles to the left. Use a fine tabby and warp and a thicker pattern weft (double usually). If you set the warp as normal plain weave for that yarn, you may have to reduce pattern pick shots per block (rectangular and square shaped). Otherwise the motif may elongate. Each block in the weft is just the number of tromps on east treadle. Say pattern treadle 3 might be tromped 4 times in the draft between tabbies, but 3 tromps might be better to match the drawdown. The reason the usual set will elongate the motif is that the pattern weft adds to the take-up rate, since it to is woven into the ground as well as floating. So a rectangle might become a square.

Tabby 1 (shafts 2 and 4 lift), pattern weft, tabby 2 (shafts 1 and 3 lift), pattern weft, repeat.....

You can tie the tabby treadles so that your lifting 1 and 3, then 2,4 if you wish. Just be consistant and alternate between pattern wefts.


Updated draft (Nov, 14 2017)

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Keep Me Warm One Night
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