Here are some pics of the Fibonacci plaid that I have in progress.  This is the longest and widest warp I've done to date - 36" wide and 9 yards long.   I know that sounds short to some of you, but for me it's BIG!   While it's fun to see the pattern develop, I'm going to be really tired of it by the time I get through 9 yards!   Sett is 24 threads/inch.




The plaid is wonderful! Really like the colour combination ;)

SallyE (not verified)

Thank you!   I'm probably going to run out of the burgundy, so I'll have to reverse the color blocks to using more yellow near the end.



It is beautiful!  I like the twill pattern.  How are you planning on using the fabric?

SallyE (not verified)

Well, I'm not sure what I'll do with it.   I was going to sew something, but the plaid is so large I'm afraid I'll look like a boxcar.   Each repeat is about 5.34 inches.   But, I might be able to come up with something pleated that takes advantage of the plaid.  (I don't wear skirts, btw.)

Any suggestions?



r1mein54 (not verified)

Interesting pattern in the twill weave - definately does not look like a plain 2/2 like I have done. Can you give us some more details - what kind of yarn, what is that draft?


A kinsdale cape. Past patterns has a pattern. Would use your nine yards, look grand.

Yarnsnthreads (not verified)

I love it. What about a shawl or blanket made with it.

SallyE (not verified)

I thought I got that twill from the book Thrill Twills, but now I can't find it there, so I will have to get back to you on the exact source - if I can find it again.  Anyway, it's actually simple.   The threading is:

1,2,  4,5,  7,8,  2,3,  5,6,  8,1,  3,4,  6,7 and the treddling is the same.   I just used the Fibonacci sequence to change the color, skipping the "0" of course:

1 color A, 1 color B, 2 color A, 3 color B, 5 color A, 8 color B, 13 color A, 21 color B, 34 color A, 55+1 color B.    I cheated and added 1 to the last number to make it a multiple of 144.   This made winding the warp easier and 144 is also a multiple of the threading sequence which repeats every 16 threads.

This twill was one of my favorites from that color gamp that I posted pictures of earlier.   That is the value of doing a gamp!