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<p>I call this pattern Empress. It's a combination of two traditional designs: a diamond pattern and an inner design developed from a star. It's from Konya, Turkey.</p><p>The pattern is given for 8 epi. </p><ul><li>For 4 epi, print it at 200%. </li><li>For 6 epi, print at 133%. </li><li>For 10epi, print at 80%.</li><li>For finer epi, divide 8 by your desired epi. The decimal is the percentage at which to print for your desired size.</li></ul><p>The patterns requires at least two colors and a background color. The pattern image is shown, and its use in a kilim, and in progress on a Journey Loom.</p><p>The kilim image is from a rug at Araby Rug in Falmouth, Maine, used by permission.</p><p>&nbsp;</p>
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June 11, 2013
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Kilim design from photo
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