I posted this a little earlier, but think I put it in the wrong place.  I sometimes have trouble with this group.


I am looking for a manual for a Dorsett Loom.  I am awaiting my new to me Dorsett Loom and am in need of the manual.  Do any of you have one or know where I can find it.




Joan aka Noviceweaver



According to Alan Wood, the son of the original Dorset builder, "there never was a manual for the original Dorset Loom - since my father sold them through weaving teachers, he did not see a need for one." Watch out for shady websites offering free manual downloads if you enter your credit card!


Hi , I bought my very first Dorset in the early 1980 from my teacher. it is still my all time favorite loom and it came brand new in the box and there where no manuals becuse there was no assembly required you just unfolded and dove in hope that helps Amanda

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