Hi folks, I have been trying to post this yesterday and today.   It showed up once but today is gone.  So I'm  trying again.  Sorry if you have seen it before.  I am an advancced beginning weaving.   I took some years off and am now returning to  weaving.  

I have a project Im trying to ffigure out.  I have 229 threads  of grey and 71 white wound off to shawl length.  I want to have the warp shade from white to grey.  How do I figure this out?  

Also I am looking for a weaving softwear that will run on my android tablet.  Has anyone used these? Which do you like?  


Thanks for your help,




have an answer for you but wanted to let you know someone did read your post! Hopefully someone more knowledgeable than me will respond too!


Take a look at this. Fibonacci sequences are a great way to shade from one color to another. Remember if you make your project wider, you will need more weft also.



Thank you  endorph  and pammersw,  I worked all day to create  a somewhat random sequence which in the end was terrible looking and not correct.  I must have mixed up my mathematics  somewhere.   The double fibernacci  looks nice. I think I'll  try that.  

More weft you say?  Just the excuse I need to purchase  some more of the lovely  alpaca  yarn I'm using.  I'm  thinking of using a 3rd  color.  Possibly  a slightly darker grey or a soft rose or purple. 

Erica J

As for software,  Wif N Proof and iWeaveit both run on Androids for Wif N Proof you may want to check your particular device but nearly all tablets have been tested with this software. 

Can't wait to see your weaving !