Well we've been a thoughtful group. So I thought we would share our thinking!

What is your design process?

What do you think about  before you weave?

Do you design for a specific purpose? If so what purposes do you feel work best with warp faced, weft faced or balanced cloth?



and weaving tend to be by the seat of my pants.  I see something, an item, structure, color and think I want to do that.  Or I just need to weave towels (which I just cannot stop doing) and want a new/different set of them.  A few things I have done have been for a specific purpose in a certain colorway, but for the last year I have just been weaving out of my stash.

So is saying that, for the last year finding ways to use the yarns in my stash to create useable items that appeal to my eye has been the driving force.

SallyE (not verified)

Like most fiber addicts, I have so much yarn that I'm just hoping to used it all before I get too old to weave!    So for most of my projects, I "yarn shop" in my own stash when I want to start a project.   

That, and I play with designs on my weaving software.

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